Gratitude – Pass It On

“Always live with an attitude of gratitude.”

To begin; each of us clearly have things in our lives for which to be thankful and as most everyone can attest; focusing on what is good in our world, well, they make us smile.

Naysayers, you feel it too at times; I hope.

We can be grateful for what we have, or for things we have avoided; whom we are surrounded by and who we are lucky enough not to encounter.

Seeing each of life’s moments as opportunity for the enrichment they provide rather than obstacles in a master plan focused on negativity; that’s gratitude.

Rarely dependent on income, social position, or age, gratitude is an appreciative approach to life; allowing us to overcome adversities with a clear perspective that such happenings are not everlasting.

Expressing gratitude unto others is the focus today, how our actions positively impact others.

Our customers sincerely value our appreciation for their business and reciprocate by providing us with repetitive chances to serve, loyalty.

Team members who experience regular gratitude from their leaders and peers are known to be supportive, committed, and productive.

What can we do to express our gratitude on a daily basis?

    • Remind yourself to pass it along. You may be very grateful but simply fail to pass the feelings along


  • Remind others. I run small incentives that encourage my leaders. They need to first reflect and create a list of those around them and further out from their core team that positively impact their work day with positive actions. The responses have been amazing, especially when staff from the less glorified departments receive sincere thanks for their contributions. Lasting bonds are created and fulfillment provided to all involved.

Gratitude has no boundaries, you cannot “overdue it”; start today.

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